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Konark Sun Temple: A Journey Through Time and Culture – UNESCO Gem in Odisha

Konark Sun Temple is the most famous Sun Temple in the world. Seeing its present form, it is impossible to imagine the grandeur and beauty of its ancient times. When this unbroken temple existed in its full splendor and its seven horses looked as if they were talking to the wind about the huge chariot of the sun. If anyone can give a little idea of ​​the grandeur and grandeur of this temple, then it is the Jagannath temple of Puri.

Konark Sun Temple
Konark Sun Temple

There are 4 different regions in Odisha. He is known by the 4 things that Lord Vishnu holds in his four hands. One of them is Padma i.e. Lotus. Konark is called Padma Kshetra. In fact, at one time the Konark Sun Temple was called Padmakesar Deul and the presiding deity of the temple was known as Surya Dev, Mahabhaskar. Konark represents the corner where Surya Dev means Aditya is worshiped. This area is also called the extract area.

History of Konark Sun Temple

According to mythological sources, the bank of the river Chandrabhaga of Utkal was the site of worship of the Sun. Utkal is the ancient name of Odisha itself. In the legends, this place is related to Samb, the son of Krishna and Jambavati. According to ancient stories, Samb worshiped the sun here to get rid of any of his skin disorders. This place is also associated with Multan, which was once the main center of sun worship. If you remember, Chenab river is also called Chandrabhaga because it came into existence from the confluence of these two rivers Chandra and Bhaga.

When we talk about the known historical sources, we get information from local tabular manuscripts that initially the kings of the Kesari dynasty built a sun temple. Thereafter, the kings of the Ganga dynasty continued to offer prayers at this temple. 13th In the century, King Narasimhadeva got this temple constructed in front of the old temple. The construction of this temple took 12 years. The first attack on it was the 16th. It was in the middle of the century that the invaders succeeded in carrying the urn and flag of the temple.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Abu Fazal are among the famous travelers who visited this temple.

The fall

Konark Sun Temple
Konark Sun Temple

There are many beliefs about the fall of this temple. From demolition at the hands of an invader like Kala Pahar to engineering failure, which led to its gradual destruction. 19th When James Ferguson saw this temple in the century, it was a pile of rubble and no statue was obtained from here. 17th In the century, the main pillar of this temple, the Arun Pillar, was shifted by the Maratha rulers to the Jagannath temple in Puri. Today you will see here only the mantle of the Mahamandapa which is filled with sand. There is a Natya Mandap before it. Fortunately, its reefs have been preserved. You can enjoy the observation of the craftsmanship done on them.

It is believed that the main Sun statue hung in the moderate breeze of the temple by the balance of magnetic forces. Every day the first rays of sunrise fell on the forehead of the idol, which symbolized the sunrise.

Konark Sun Temple

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